Pregnancy Hormones....up & down!

So looking back on my Ooooh Sooo Wonderful pregnancies I realized that I used the "eating for two" excuse WAY too many times! For those who did not know me during my pregnant aka...."eating frenzy months"....might be alarmed to know that my 125 lb body expanded to 200 lbs with the birth of each of my beauties! YUP.....if there was food in sight and I had the slightest urge it went down my gullet and I stacked on the pounds!

To all the Mommas showcasing their Baby is a little insight that may help you pass up the second serving of chocolate cake followed by a bowl of Fruity Pepples right before bed time! HORMONES, HORMONES, HORMONES! Apparently during pregnancy OUR hormones....crazy....up & down....all out of whack....make us crave chocolate and sweets! So DON'T give in....grab some prunes or an apple and call it a night! Don't ask your husband to run out for a Snicker's and Starbursts....just settle on a healthy option and a big glass of water!

You will thank me for this when near the end of your pregnancy....your hips don't touch each side of the tub!!!!!

#hormones #diet

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